Product Details

Turban Sizing

  • Our turbans are made in several different size options.  All sizing is based on the head circumference of the person wearing the turban.  



    Head Circumference (inches)

    Newborn (N)

    0 – 3 months

    14 - 15.5

    Extra Small (XS)

    3 – 9 months

    15 - 17

    Small (S)

    9 – 18 months

    17 – 19

    Medium (M)

    18 months – 4t

    18 – 20

    Large (L)

    5t – 8 yrs

    20 – 22

    Extra Large (XL)


    22 – 24

    Due to the stretch in the material, turbans may have an overlap between different sizes which is dependent on the material composition.  Turbans can be further categorized into ‘low stretch’, ‘medium stretch’ and ‘high stretch’.  



    Low Stretch

    Tend to run small

    Medium Stretch

    True to size

    High Stretch

    Tend to run a little big

Feel free to contact us at with the subject "Sizing" with any questions regarding the size.

Turban Care:

All of our Turbans are hand sewn!  They should be hand washed in warm water and hung to dry.  Putting the Turbans in the washing machine has the potential to ruin the turban.