Dedication to Maya Smith

Maya Smith was an intelligent, vibrant young woman who touched the life of everyone she encountered. I first met Maya in 2017 via instagram when I started Little Miss Turbans, LLC.  She was my first encounter with a child who was diagnosed with Cancer.  Despite what she was going through, she was always happy and full of joy, and she loved my daughter Ava.  We spoke almost every day for 2 years.  I recently learned that Maya had lost to her battle with Cancer and I was absolutely devastated.  This page is in dedication to her as her memory will forever live on.

Altrese Hawkins
Founder & CEO
Little Miss Turbans, LLC
Below is an email from Mayas' Mother please keep her and her family uplifted in prayer. 

I wanted to inform you of the passing on my daughter Maya Smith. I'm sorry to be just sending this email, but Maya passed away on September 6, 2019 after her 2 1/2 year battle with brain cancer at 14 years old. She was probably one of your number 1 fans because of your daughter. Maya first came to know about your company, Little Miss Turbans from seeing your daughter on Frobabies. Maya loved loved babies and toddlers.
Soon after losing her hair from receiving radiation and chemo we tried different hats and wraps. She learned about Little Miss Turbans and the rest was history. You and I emailed a few times early on about the turbans and you were in contact with Maya, sending her some of your new turbans before you put them online. I was so thankful for that. Last year you made Maya a special turban in mickey mouse print for her Make a Wish trip on a Disney cruise. That turban was so special to Maya. I think it was the last one we bought from you.
Your turbans were a life line for Maya. She loved them and never left home without wearing one. They gave her confidence, style self assurance during a difficult time in her life. I just wanted you to know how much of an impact your turbans made in my daughter's life. She loved the way they felt on her scalp and she always got a lot of compliments on them. She knew everything about you and your family. She even wanted me to try to find you for visit when we went to Florida for Christmas in 2018.
Now I have started wearing Maya's turbans. With these days of COVID 19 I have had to be creative with what to do with my hair. So Little Miss Turbans is my solution!
Please continue to make people smile and be confident and stylish with your products!