About Us

When founder and CEO, Altrese Hawkins, first had her daughter, Ava Rose, in April 2017, she did not have the slightest idea of how to do natural hair.  Altrese needed a stylish head piece that she could easily slip onto her daughter's head while also protecting her hair from damage. It would be suited for optimal use on the days that she was unable to successfully do Ava’s hair, or on the days where there was not enough time.  After seeing a picture of a baby wearing a turban on the internet, she pulled her old sewing machine out of the garage, and headed to the fabric store in hopes of making a turban for Ava.  

Established in September of 2017 and located in Sunny South Florida, Little Miss Turbans, LLC started out as a company that handmade pre-sewn turbans for babies. As the company grew during its second year, starting September 2018, the company expanded its target market segment from focusing exclusively on babies and toddlers, to all sizes; babies through adults specifically “Mommy & Me” matching turbans. In 2020 the brand will expand to include CDC Compliant Masks, Satin Lined Tams and Satin Lined Turbans.

Pre-sewn turbans from Little Miss Turbans, LLC are a stylish head wrap that can be put on the head of an infant or an adult within seconds. They are perfect for the fashion forward mommy and me matching duo. Turbans come in four different style options and protects all hair textures from damage.